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Drive a better patient experience with IT




Your IT should be a part of your healthcare organisation that enables a better patient experience, not one that hinders it.


With 75% of all patients expecting to use digital services in the future, and the market due to grow to $11.2bn by 2025, it's more important than ever to invest in an IT infrastructure that works for you.

Healthcare can’t be fixed

with bandages


The industry needs a healthy dose of digital medicine to deliver personalised, patient-centric care.


Download HPE's Healthcare.nxt report to find out about the current and future state of healthcare and why digital transformation provides the key to improving the patient experience and practices alike.

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CANCOM are a leading

digital transformation partner.


CANCOM helps healthcare organisations maximise business success through technology and leads companies into the digital future. We have over 25 years' experience in the IT sector and our comprehensive range of services and solutions cover consultation, implementation, management and support.




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Hybrid IT


Hybrid IT provides the perfect combination of traditional infrastructure and digital transformation. Through our Gartner-Rated Framework, CANCOM have been able to demonstrate that a transition to Hybrid IT would save an NHS Trust 33% over an equivalent on-premise only architecture.


See how CANCOM helped Luton and Dunstable Hospital save 40% in IT CAPEX and more.






Whilst 67% of healthcare enterprises are undertaking initiatives to transform their business operations, 27% are considered laggards when it comes to transformation. It's evident that healthcare enterprises are in need of support when it comes to digital transformation.



With the digital healthcare market due to grow to $11.2bn by 2025 and 20% of NHS Trusts believing their IT staffing will decrease in the next 18 months, the reliance on IT infrastructure is becoming paramount to the success of a practice.



HPE provide a host of solutions designed to transition your IT to a hybrid environment, ensuring you get the best of both 'on prem' and cloud infrastructure.

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The healthcare landscape is evolving






20% of NHS trusts believe their

IT staffing will decrease in the

next 18 months





Legacy systems, which take up

80% of IT budgets






75% of all patients expect to use digital services in the future



27% of healthcare enterprises are considered 'laggards' when

it comes to transformation



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