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IT Strategy White Paper

Why emerging technologies really matter in a hyper-connected world

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Emerging technologies such as 5G, AI, Blockchain and Immersive Reality offer the potential to claw back market share from disrupters and create a winning next-generation customer experience.

As a technology leader you need to know how to overcome the fear of the unknown and balance risk with reward.

This White Paper explores:

The benefits of connecting emerging technologies.  Tech broadcaster and journalist David McClelland has one clear message:

"If you were to start afresh today, what would you do differently with these technologies?"

Because that's exactly what challengers, start-ups - your competitors  - are doing right now.

Learn more about the risks and the immense potential of:

  • Next Generation wireless and the Enterprise
  • Artificial Intelligence at Scale
  • Blockchain - trusting in data
  • Getting emotional with Immersive Reality

About the authors

David McClelland

David McClelland

Television & Tech Journalist

Jason Normanton

Jason Normanton

Enterprise Architect and former Gartner Research Director


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