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Windows 10 assessment - Book Today

Get ready to experience the best computing experience for IT and end users

The Assessment includes dedicated on-site resources who will:

  • Present the value of deploying Windows 10 in your company
  • Identify the life cycle of the existing products and the impact of respective end of support
  • Assess your readiness to move to Windows 10 + Office 365 Pro Plus

What are the benefits of Windows 10?

Your journey to a Modern Desktop:

  • Gain Insights - Windows Analytics, Office Readiness Toolkit
  • Set foundation - Windows 10, Office 365, Modern Devices
  • Stay current - Phase deployments Agile updates
  • Modernise IT - Windows Autopilot, Microsoft Intune

What do we receive at the end of the Assessment?

You will be presented with a detailed list of findings:

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  • Versions of OS deployed – Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Versions of Office are deployed – ProPlus or Perpetual
  • Summary of devices and apps
  • Compatibility evaluation of your application and hardware inventory to move to Modern Desktop
  • Issues and blockers that may exist in your environment
  • A roadmap and further guidance to get to Modern Desktop for your complete organisation

Are you interested in Windows 10 Services?

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